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Carpet, Tile,
Hardwood & More!

For Residential & Commercial Needs

If you need flooring put down – we have what you need! At A1 Pavimento Design, we work with only the best flooring manufacturers to provide you with the best material for your money. If you are a residential or commercial client starting a flooring project, contact the store or visit the showroom at our flooring store in Clay County, FL to see what we can do for you!

Our Process

1. Visit The Showroom

Visit our 2,500-square-foot showroom, where you’ll find a diverse selection of flooring options for both residential and commercial projects. Explore a wide range of samples to visualize and compare different flooring materials.

2. Meet Your Design Consultant

Meet with our knowledgeable design consultants who will assist you in tailoring your selections based on your personal tastes and budget. They will help you choose the perfect flooring that matches your style and meets your specific needs.

3. Take Measurements

We will work with you, your contractor, or your installer to get accurate measurements for a material quotation. This step ensures that you only pay for the exact amount of flooring material needed for your project.

4. Place the Order

Once you have accepted the quotation, we will promptly place orders through the manufacturer. If the chosen flooring is in stock, you can expect it to arrive within approximately one week.

5. Payment

Payment is required at the time of purchase other than on any back ordered materials, a 50% deposit only is required for those items. Please note, that most material is special ordered and subject to a restock and freight charge for any returns.

6. Coordinate Pickup

As soon as the flooring materials arrive, we will reach out to you to coordinate a convenient pick-up time. Our team will ensure that your order is ready for collection and assist you in safely loading the materials into your vehicle.

Carpet Store Near Clay County, FL

Flooring Inventory

  • Tile
  • LVP
  • Vinyl
  • Wood plank
  • Mosaics
  • Residential Carpet
  • Commercial Carpet 
  • & More!


Tile, tile, tile…say it again. It is by far the most durable of the floor surfaces. With its longevity unmatched, this low-maintenance option is designed to endure the test of time while providing unparalleled strength that is perfect for high-traffic areas. Tile is great for areas that are prone to moisture and provides cool temperatures underfoot. Plus, we have a wide array of sizes and color options!

Tile & Mosaic manufacturers:

Elysium                 Happy Floors
Tesoro                   Bedrosians
Emser                    •  Glazzio
Dal Tile                 •  American Olean
Marazzi                   MS International
FXI Ceramics         Anthology Tile
Style Access


Vinyl has come a long way over the years. It is easy to install, although it is good to note that the best installation comes from a smooth and level subfloor. Waterproof vinyl planks can be used anywhere, are easy to maintain, and are extremely durable. One benefit of LVP is it can be installed directly over the subfloor since most have underlayment built in. There are cases where additional underlayment is needed, which can double up water resistance, help with acoustics, and reduce any gap between the plank and subfloor from unevenness or unremoved debris.

Hardwood and LVP Manufacturers:

•  TMBR                       Nuvelle
• Everlife                      Density
• Clear Springs            Hallmark Courtier
• Norwood Hill            Windscapes
• Forest Accents          Bella Citta
• Impressions              Kahrs
• Paradise Island         Pristine
• Dockside

Engineered Hardwood

There is nothing like walking into a home with hardwood floors, giving that warmth and coziness upon entering the space. It just has an aesthetic appeal like no other, and they are easy to maintain. There are varying wear layers that allow you to rough up and refinish over time. The thicker wear layers are built to last, giving the option to refinish up to 4 times. Engineered wood floors are constructed in such a way to help resistance and create stability to variations in temperature and moisture.

Hardwood and LVP Manufacturers:

TMBR                          Nuvelle
Everlife                        Density
Clear Springs               Hallmark Courtier
Norwood Hill               Windscapes
Forest Accents            Bella Citta
Impressions                 Kahrs
Paradise Island            Pristine


If a room is your canvas, then carpet becomes your vibrant palette, allowing you to unleash your creativity and set the stage for a truly captivating space. From elegant neutrals that enhance the beauty of other room elements, to bold colors and captivating prints that demand attention, the possibilities are endless!

Carpet Manufacturers:

• Shaw                        • Dixie Home
• DreamWeaver        Stanton


Measurement Price Calculator

Use the calculator below to find your square footage for flooring, grout, setting materials, linear feet for bull nose, blanke trim, or Schluter trim.

Ready to pick out your flooring?

Carpet Store Near Clay County, FL

Flooring Care & Stain Removal

At A1 Pavimento Design, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience, extending beyond the selection and installation of your flooring. We understand the importance of proper care and maintenance to ensure the longevity and beauty of your new floor. That’s why we offer a collection of resources to guide you in the best practices for caring for your flooring. Explore our range of valuable resources below or browse our FAQs  for more information!

Learn best practices for removing ANY stain from your carpet!